SOD, TREE & Landscape Installation

We Execute Landscape tasks quickly and efficiently

Our specialized expertise lies in sod, tree, and landscape installation, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art machinery with a skilled operator to elevate your residential spaces.

Sod Installation:

New Home/Building Construction: Our heavy equipment solutions play a pivotal role in preparing the canvas for your new home. We can level property with precise grading, our team lays the groundwork for a lush, vibrant sod carpet that complements the architectural beauty of your new home or building.

Restoration Following Construction/Repair Work: Post-construction, our heavy machinery steps in to breathe life back into landscapes. Grading and soil preparation become a breeze, setting the stage for a seamless sod restoration that transforms barren patches into flourishing greenery.

Tree Installation:

Commercial or Residential Size Placement of Trees: We can elevate your property with majestic trees that stand the test of time. Our specialized excavators delicately handle the transportation and placement of trees, ensuring the beauty of your landscape is enhanced with mature, thriving specimens.

OTHER Landscape Installation tasks

Placement of Decorative Boulders: Make a bold statement with strategically placed decorative boulders. Our heavy equipment, guided by a skilled operator, ensures the precise positioning of these natural features, adding texture and visual appeal to your outdoor spaces.

Deck & Patio Installation. We can provide needed grading to install a deck or patio in your back yard. 

Slope Work. Steep banks can be hard to take care of. We can step down and existing slope for installation of garden beds, or adjust the grade so it’s more manageable.

At Badger Dirtworx, we go beyond mere service; we help enhance landscapes that exceed your expectations. Transform your residential spaces with our heavy equipment expertise – with clear communication and precision. Contact us today!.

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